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Dr. John T. Roberts
Dr. Cheryl Hansen

Digital X-rays
Hillsboro, OR

Viewing digital X-rays at Hillsboro Dental Center in Hillsboro, OROver the last few decades, dental care has changed completely. Instead of archaic tools and dangerous instruments, we are able to provide state of the art tools, and instruments that have less of an impact than ever before. Here at Hillsboro Dental Center, we are proud to use some of the most innovative tools and instruments as they provide our patients with an outstanding experience. If you want to find out how we are different, call us for an appointment today!

How Digital X-rays Have Changed Dentistry

One of the biggest worries that always accompany x-rays of any type is exposure to radiation. This has long been known to cause issues with most people, especially those who are exposed to it often. Luckily, todays x-rays are totally different than the films of years past.

Digital x-rays are able to be taken with very little exposure to radiation for the patient, and for our staff. They are a safe way to help diagnose a problem in your mouth, plus they have the ability to show us problems at the earliest stages so we can treat before those problems get any worse.

What Digital X-rays Look For

There are quite a few things that digital x-rays can be used for. Sometimes the results are used for diagnostic purposes, while other times the results are used in a preventative way. Here are some of the most common things we use x-rays to find:
•  Cavities
•  Health of the bones of the jaw
•  The roots of your teeth
•  Diagnosing if your periodontal disease is an issue of improper oral care
•  Keep an eye on developing and erupting teeth
•  Monitoring the overall health of your mouth

Types of Digital X-rays That May Be Ordered

A periapical x-ray gives us the best view of a single tooth that we can get. It shows great detail from the root of the tooth, all the way to the crown of the tooth, allowing us to see how healthy it is and any chips or cracks that may be apparent in the tooth.

A bite-wing x-ray allows us to see how your teeth, specifically in the back of your mouth, come together, and we can tell if you have any decay starting between those teeth. We use these to look at the overall health of your back teeth more than anything else.

A panoramic x-ray allows us to see your entire set of teeth, on both arches, in a single picture. We get to see your teeth, gums, jaw, up into your sinuses, and into the joints of your jaw all from this type of film.

An occlusal x-ray basically looks up through the floor of your mouth, giving us a view into the way your top jaw comes down and bites into your lower jaw. We can see how the teeth come together, and see if any teeth are having any early signs of problems.

For more information on digital x-rays, or to get some taken of your teeth for care, call us at (503) 648-2829 right away!
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