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Dr. John T. Roberts
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Dental Sealants

Child getting dental sealants - Hillsboro Dental Center
We at Hillsboro Dental Center believe that it is far better to prevent the occurrence of troublesome dental maladies than to fix ones that have already taken place. When we are able to prevent issues from arising in the first place, our clients are happier, healthier and are able to save money on costlier treatment procedures. Dental sealants are a fantastic way to prevent the onset of tooth decay and cavities in both children and adults.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are resin or glass ionomer based coatings that are painted onto the molars in order to protect or shield them from decay causing bacteria within the mouth. The resin hardens to create a long-lasting hard shield over the molars. They are only ever placed on the molars and only protect the biting surface of those teeth. The biting surface of molars are covered in intricate pits, valleys and recesses where food and bacteria is often stuck.

Who gets dental sealants?

The standard recipients of dental sealants are young adults and teenagers who just recently have had their adult teeth grow in. Generally, dental sealants are recommended for anyone who is at high risk of developing cavities. Because kids are known to eat more sugar on average than adults, coupled with their sometimes lacking oral hygiene habits they are the prime candidates for dental sealants.

Kids aren’t the only recipients of dental sealants, however. Some adults who have difficulty preventing cavities due to a genetic predisposition to decay causing bacteria will opt to have dental sealants placed. Give us a call at (503) 648-2829 to schedule your no obligation consultation today.

How effective are dental sealants?

Sealants are widely accepted by the dental community and the ADA as an effective method of combatting tooth decay in molars. In-fact, they are so effective at accomplishing this goal that their effectiveness is now measured by how long they are able to last in your teeth.

The molars are subject to the immense pressures of chewing, and dental sealants are still able to last upwards of 5 years in most cases. The most important thing to consider when you have dental sealants placed is regular dental checkups. Regular checkups allow us to ensure that all the sealants are still in place and functioning as they ought to be. If we find any that have cracked or fallen off, we can usually repair them same day.

Fluoride Infused Sealants

Today patients have the options of having fluoride infused in their dental sealants. This is a fantastic way to strengthen and protect teeth long into the future. Fluoride has the ability to strengthen the enamel on the surface of your teeth, giving them a harder, more complete layer of protection against the bacteria that causes decay.

Please call us today at (503) 648-2829 to schedule your appointment. Remember, if you experience a tooth ache persisting for more than a week you should schedule an appointment to be seen as this could be the sign of a more serious issue.

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