"It was a great experience. Staff are friendly and understanding. The clinic observes COVID 19 precautionary measures which put me at ease to ensure my safety." -Jenie

"These fine folks are great at communicating with you what they are planning on doing and, when appropriate, providing you with options. They also talk you through things as they are doing them so there aren't surprises. I'm very pleased with how well they take care of my teeth." -Robert 

Hillsboro Dental Center ALWAYS has the health, wellness, and best interest at heart before anything else. That's impressive!!! Great service, options, detailed information, and I no longer fear or dread going to the dentist." -Diane

"The environment is very calming, which is so important for someone like me who doesn't like to go to the dentist. Dr. Roberts is excellent. Over the years, he has deftly handled crowns for cracked teeth, extractions for teeth that couldn't be saved, and an implant. All were handled beautifully and with great communication from start to finish. His expertise and warmth are also reflected by his staff, lending to the calming space that I trust."- Kathy

"I recommend Dr. Roberts to everyone. I appreciate the special interest he takes in my unique dental care. I absolutely believe he acts in my best interest." -Laura

"We have been attending Hillsboro Dental Center for almost 19 years now. Dr. Roberts has provided exceptional care for my entire family which includes my son, daughter, husband, my mom, my dad and I. We will always be grateful for Dr. Robert's assistance during a dental emergency, direction when oral surgery was required and his kindness to remember thoughtful facts about my family each time we visit. Our family is greeted with kindness and expertise not only in person by each technician but on the phone when scheduling. Thank you Tami and thank you to the whole staff at Hillsboro Dental." -Kim

"What a fine way to begin a day - at 7AM I was greeted by a hygenist who had studied my charts before I arrived. Respectfully she advised and allowed my requests. What pleasure to have clean and polished teeth and to know I can trust the staff to help me keep my teeth." -Karen

"I've been a patient of Dr. Roberts for more than 25 years. Seriously. I've never looked for a different dentist because when I found Dr. Roberts at Hillsboro Dental Center, I realized I found excellence. I am a cash patient and when I've discussed rates with friends who see other local dentists, I am happy to report my annual cleaning and exam is always less expensive than theirs! Ha! Talk about prompt, I never have to wait past my scheduled appointment time. Plus, the level of expertise and professionalism is the best. I'd be happy to post a picture of my gorgeous 58 year-old teeth to prove it. :)" -Carloee

"Great Dentist! Had emergency filling and they fit me in and quickly fixed my problem. They were very sweet about my dental heebeegeebees. Thank you!" -Kate C.

"These folks are great at communication with you what they are planning on doing and when appropriate providing you with options. They also talk you through things as they are doing them so there are no surprises. I’m very pleased with how well they take care of my teeth." -Richard F.

"I have been seeing Dr. Roberts since I moved to Hillsboro in 2000, and my children also. His staff has always been top notch and very pleasant to deal with! I see no reason to ever change..."" -John M.

"10+ years as a patient = 1 crown, multiple cavity fillings and at least 20 cleanings. Very professional and well taken care of. If you are looking for a new dentist or looking to switch – you cant go wrong with Hillsboro Dental Center."" -Owen

"I’ve been going to this dental practice for 25 years plus and it sets the highest standard of care. The office is always friendly and comfortable. The people are great and really care about what they are doing. My experience has been nothing but positive."" -Shawn M.

"I had a tooth emergency that my current insurance would not cover forcing me to play out of pocket. Dr. Roberts was fantastic in working with me to accommodate my tooth need and finances with this situation. His environment is extremely friends and welcoming. The work was excellent as well! He has a dream team working for him! Thank you, doctor!"" -Taylor